Lago Atitlán and the Vegi Bike

We just could not leave Guatemala without visiting the lake Atitlán and its three volcanos. One needs about three hours by bus to the lake from Antigua, so we needed to get up very early once more. Around 5:30am the bus came to our hostel, so we still arrived at the lake in the morning. A good time for breakfast and for a great view at the lake.

On our way to the boat which was supposed to bring us to three villages at the lake, we saw a group of people celebrating the day of San Francisco of Assis. They were wearing colorful clothes, lighting firecrackers and dancing to local music. When we arrived at the little harbor of Panajachel, we went into a small motorboat which brought us to the villages. The first village was San Juan, which is known for its little art galleries. The galleries offer colorful maya pictures made by local artists. Then we visited the hippie village San Pedro la Laguna with its small cafes and restaurants. Finally we arrived at Santiago Atitlan. It is the biggest village at the lake, but in our opinion a little bit too hectic and without much flair. After we arrived back in Panajachel, we went into a mini van and drove back to Antigua.

A surprise was waiting for us back at the hostel. The owner of our hostel gave us a small note from Harry, an englishman who is riding around the globe with his Royal Enfield running a Diesel engine. We met Harry an hour later. The idea of Harry’s journey is that he tries to travel in a CO2 neutral way by using vegetable oil as fuel whenever possible. However that idea caused already four engine failures. We spent the evening having dinner with Harry and went to bed quite early, in order to be fit for our border crossing to El Salvador on the next day.

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Posted by: michasifi and carmen.on.the.road

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