Meeting Bikers in Cusco

After another ride across the mountains including 4000m passes, we arrived in Cusco in the afternoon. Alex and Mathias, two bikers from Germany, recommended a cheap and biker-friendly hostel in the center of Cusco. When we arrived there, we were pretty surprised that another 5 bikes with 8 bikers, all from Germany, were staying in that hostel. All bikers are traveling South America heading to Ushuaia.

Our hostel in Cusco

In addition to the german bikers, Steve and Roy, two bikers from Norway, whom we got to know on Stahlratte, were in Cusco as well. In the evening we joined them for dinner, but we made a bad choice: We went to a cheap touristic restaurant offering a complete menu for just 15 soles ( about 7 dollars ). So it was no surprise that the Alpaca steak was cold and tough and besides wanted to leave our digestion organs pretty quickly. 😉 Anyway we went to a bar for a last drink and ordered the national drink of Peru, the “Pisco Sour”.

On the next morning we took breakfast together with the other german bikers and said good-bye to them, because most of them left for the Colca Canyon after breakfast. Since both of us have seen the Colca Canyon alreads, we staid for another day in Cusco and visited some ruins from which we had a very nice view at Cusco, as well.

View at Cusco

Since Steve and Roy were flying back to Norway the next day, we took the opportunity to have another dinner with them. This time we chose a rather expensive location, but the food was very good!

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