Two panniers is one too many ;-)

Hey, if YOU who found our pannier read this, please write us an email. We will be very grateful! ๐Ÿ™‚

After our little trip to Bolivia, we entered Argentina on the next day via Paso Jama. Since there is no customs on the chilenian side we had to do the paperwork in San Pedro de Atacama already. So we did officially leave Chile already, although we were 100 miles from the border. Interestingly they even told us that we were not allowed to drive back to the gas station in San Pedro, but we just ignored that, since the next gas station was supposed to be 300 miles away.

The road to the border was leading besides more salt lakes and across 4800m passes. Although our bikes were still running well ( because of the injection ) we felt that there was not much power available. So we were driving rather slowly across the passes.

The paperwork was pretty easy, but still took some time, sine a big bus arrived just before we did. Surprisingly there was a gas station right at the border, so that we did not have to use our gas cans.

At another salt lake, the Salinas Grandes, we did another foto stop and were driving across the lake.

Salinas Grandes

Salinas Grandes

After we continued, Michaels bike started to wobble a bit and Michael suspected a puncture. He glanced briefly at the wheels but everything was fine. So he thought that it was just a little bit windy. However it was strange that a car behind him honked, but the south americans are honking because of anything, so he ignored that.
Our way was leading through curvy mountain roads surrounded by cactuses. A nice landscape, so we stopped for taking pictures. Michael used that opportunity to check his wheels once more when Carmen asked: “What did you do with your pannier?”. Michael did not answer and Carmen asked again. Then Michael realized at last that his left pannier was missing including the rollbag on top of it. Unfortunately this very pannier was holding the MacBook, credit cards, hard disk, tools, and clothes. So we immediately turned back to the salt lake to search the pannier.

We were driving the piece of road up and down and asking everybody, but nobody saw or knew anything. Since it was quite late already and since Michaels bike currently lakes any lights, we had to go to Purmamarca to find an accommodation.

In Purmamarca we went to the police to tell them about our loss, hoping that the finder will bring the pannier to the police. But the guy at the police just took Michaels name, phone number and email address and did not ask anything. That was our last hope to find the pannier including its content.

Purmamarca is nice but very small and so we continued to Salta, a larger city nearby. There Michael could buy some of the things he lost.

Since Salta has got quite some infrastructure we stay here for two days. Carmen took the opportunity to change her rear tire, buy a bike insurance for Argentina and Chile and got a haircut. The haircut was good for the guiness book of records: It took only two minutes and she was told that her hair is actually not good for that kind of cut. Not sure about the result, she left the hairdresser’s shop. No problem, the hair will be growing again. ๐Ÿ™‚

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