Abroad Health Insurance

There is a huge range of health insurances for travelers. So far I found the following interesting choices ( all pages below are in german only ):

AXA Care Concept: quite cheap, but 50 euro at your own risk and only medically required return transport. No insurance for Germany.

ADAC : also very cheap, but also 50 euro at own risk. Medically reasonable ( not only ‘required’ ) return transport, no insurance for Germany.

ProTrip : a bit more expensive, no charge at own risk, many benefits.

STA Travel: I think, I’ll take this insurance, because they don’t have any charge at own risk and they also pay for medically ‘meaningful’ return transports. Besides this insurance is also valid in Germany for a restricted timeframe.


Since both of us are insured in Germany via a private health insurance ( as opposed to the public insurance ), we need to plan for monthly payments to keep our insurance status. 😦

Liability insurance

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