Germany to North America

We decided to transport the motorcycles to Vancouver, Canada, because the transfer to Alaska is very expensive. There are three different possible means to transport the bike to Canada:

a) via plane
b) via ship inside a container
c) via ship using RoRo (Roll on, Roll off)

We decided to use a plane, because we can keep the motorcycles until shortly before we leave and we do not to build any transport cases or something similar. Besides the price is quite ok as well. We pay 1,475 euros per bike at GS Sportreisen GmbH. We will tell you about our experiences afterwards.


Darien Gap

Between Panama and Columbia, there is a small gap of about 160 km which cannot be crossed over land without dangers: Darien Gap

Here there are several possibilities to transfer the motorcycles as well. Our current favorite is using a sailing boat:


Argentina to Germany

If the motorcycles are still alive and usable after our tour, we would like to transport them back to Germany via ship. This kind of transport seems to be the cheapest one, if you don’t care how long it takes…

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