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Safety first!

To prepare for our voyage we visited a First Aid class last week in Stuttgart-Degerloch at the Red Cross Germany. Actually we anticipated a boring, uninspiring theory class. In the according bad mood, we entered the train at Saturday morning, 07:30am. But already on our way to the class we met two nice, young girls, who also were really “looking forward” to the First Aid class. 😉
However when we saw that they offered us fresh coffee, the day really looked much brighter to us. Thanks to realistically looking cuts, burns, and unconscious attendees in the toilette, the class was much more practical and interesting than we thought.
Actually we feel quite safe now, because we learned almost everything from pressure bandages to CPRs. But when the instructor told us that only 2% of all rescues end without any late damages, our enthusiasm was a little bit weakened.
Altogether the class was really making fun. Nevertheless we hope that we never have to use our newly learned skills.
Below we attached a couple of pictures taken during our class:

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