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Tesch Travel Meeting 2012

Last weekend we decided to join the 54th Tesch Travel Event 2012 in Malmedy, Belgium. The main topics of this year’s meeting have been ‘America Journeys’ and ‘Women traveling by motorcycle’, so some kind of exact match for the two of us. 😉

The weather was quite bad. As usual in April, hail, snow, sun and wind took turns. The only constant was the temperature of down to 4 degrees Celsius. At least we had the optimal conditions to do a thorough test of our gear. After this kind of test we know now: We need warmer gloves and masks, in order to survive Alaska.

A second advantage of the meeting was that we could make use of our non existing off road skills ( or at least we could start to build some at last ). In order to reach the camping site ( i.e. actually only a piece of lawn and nothing else ), we had to cross a small river and then drive along a small, muddy path. The latter become worse and worse each day.

The meeting itself really made fun. We met a lot of nice people, who either already travelled this or a similar route or who plan to travel from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego like we do. While drinking a couple of beers and standing beside a huge campfire, we could discuss interesting topics, like gear, route, “tuning” the motorcycles etc.

Carola Möller’s presentation about her Panamericana journey was great! She travelled 52,000 km in 21 months and shot amazing pictures and told funny stories.

Finally both our motorcycles even started immediately and survived the long way back of 400 km without any problems. 😉

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